Vayron Ascent - Debut EP out NOW!

Vayron ‘Ascent’…The Debut EP Is Released! Get it NOW!

It has landed, it is here, ‘Ascent’ is unleashed…oop, we mean released!

Grab hold of our debut EP on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and so many more places of wonderful music distribution!

It seems like an AGE since we first said that ‘Ascent’ was going to be released (in actual fact, it hasn’t been that long at all!) but we’ve been like a kid waiting for Christmas here at Vayron HQ, so we’re just going to shout it from the roof tops!

We’ve been doing loads of promo work and sending tonnes of info out to local and national media and radio stations and so we really are promoting as hard as we can! Of course, you can help #SpreadTheWord that #VayronIsComing by giving us a holla on Twitter, Facebook, here on our website or on our Soundcloud and YouTube : )

Please help if you can, we’d love to be able to spread our music as far as we can and hopefully enrich the ears of even more of your lovely, lovely people!

Thanks to all those who have pre-ordered the EP on iTunes already, we really do appreciate your continued support and thank you in advance to everyone who pops online to grab hold of ‘Ascent’, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Stay beautiful everyone and as we say in Stand On Your Own, #FindAPlaceThatIsBetter …Get Vayron Ascent in your life and find it on iTunes (and all reputable music distribution sites!!) ; ) hehe! Thank you!

Love V x

Oh, and just in case you haven’t heard it yet – here’s the preview of the EP!

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