Vayron -  Calling

Play around in studio!

In addition to promoting our debut EP Ascent we’re always busy in the studio writing and producing, ‘natch’! Here’s just one thing that we’ve been working on! Check out our studio musings; an intensely deep, euphoric and sonorous Progressive House track called “Calling” – listen to it below!

We’ve made ‘Calling’ build from the start (you know how we like our intros!) with an unearthly, kaleidoscopic and gradually evolving intro including crisp, punchy drums and percussion, subtly exhilarating and sonorous synth patterns encompassed by a sumptuous array of diaphanous, silken effects. We hope that it hypnotises you from the start and following the most stellar and sophisticated drop that we’re rather pleased with, you can truly feel the euphoria pulsing from the dance floor up.

Love V x

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