Ascent – The Debut Single!

Ascent is here

After a pretty outstanding studio session, we completed our debut single ‘Ascent’ in a one-er! “Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?” Ascent was picked to be the soundtrack for the Up at the O2 launch trailer and has gone viral across the internet with a massive celebration of our music pounding away on YouTube!

So now, Ascent is here and here’s what some of you think already:

“Great music, been waiting for some good stuff like this. Keep up the good work, i know you’re gona be a big name soon if you aren’t already and you’re gona do great”


“ive found this song finally! you absolute legend thankyou!!”

“I may have listened to this 11 times in a row now..

Why don’t you take a listen!

Quotes taken from our YouTube Channel which you can check out here.We’ll be posting previews of all our new EP tracks that are in the making at the moment up on our YouTube Channel and also on our Soundcloud page as well as on our website here – plus we’ll be updating everyone on our Twitter – so please follow us and we’ll keep you posted!

Thank you! V x