Vayron's Debut EP Ascent - Out NOW!

Ascent kicking up a storm!

Just a quick last note to catch you up on our EP Ascent – the release has been received very well, we’re working very hard promoting the release and we’ve had some local radio airplay, interest coming in from other more wide-ranging radio and have been talking with record companies and management.

It’s a long process and one that doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re getting great responses, even from those who haven’t had opportunities open to us to be signed by them!

So, all very positive, we are getting there and the fact that you guys are supporting us means we have a great power behind us, thank you again, very, very much : )

Don’t forget, if you like all of our previews – go and grab yourself a copy of our debut EP – ‘Ascent’ available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online music stores!
Thanks again and we’ll be in touch again soon!

Love V x

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